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Full Day Care For Medically Complex Children

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The nursing staff at Caring Hearts is the pulse of our organization, so we only hire the best! At a minimum, our nurses must have prior pediatric experience and must pass thorough background and reference checks. But beyond that, we only employ knowledgeable and compassionate individuals who are committed to improving the overall health of our Caring Hearts kids. Additionally, our staff participates in ongoing education to stay informed of advances in medical technology.



Our centers take a holistic approach to the healthcare of your special child; in addition to the skilled nursing services provided by Caring Hearts, we invite pediatric physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapists to provide their services at our facility. The biggest benefit of this convenient arrangement is that the therapists train our nurses in the "at home" techniques that help your child progress to their maximum potential as quickly as possible. With all your child's providers working together in one place, you can see outcomes you hadn't imagined.

Walking to the Bus


Every center offers transportation to and from home for all children enrolled in Caring Hearts. A Caring Hearts staff member who is dedicated to ensuring every child has a safe and happy ride will always be present on the bus. We strive to tailor our pickup and drop off times to work with your family's schedule. Of course, parents are always welcome to drop their kids off in the morning and/or pick them back up in the afternoon if they prefer.

School Supply


Our team recognizes that your child is more than a patient – s/he’s a child!  We strive to optimize each child’s potential and provide them with the highest quality of life possible through a comprehensive developmental plan.  We have child development associates on staff who design and implement structured schedules of activities throughout each day.  Also, teachers from the school system develop and teach Individualized Educational Plans (IEP) for our children who qualify for the Florida Department of Education's Hospital Homebound program.

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