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Registered Nurse - Pediatrics

The Nurse provides primary nursing care to the children assigned to him/her, including treatments, teaching, psychosocial support, developmental interventions and referrals, as well as

other duties deemed necessary for the smooth and safe operation of the facility.


Evidence of good physical health (to include tuberculosis screening).

Education and Training:

  1. Associate Degree in Nursing, or Diploma with two years of pediatric specialty care experience.

  2. Current, active license to practice in Florida

  3. Participates in continuing education so that she/he has knowledge of current trends and developments in nursing.  Will obtain continuing education required for relicensure.

  4. IV experience.

  5. Annual Pediatric CPR certification

  6. Minimum of two years experience in general pediatrics with at least six months experience caring for medically or technologically dependent children.

Job Knowledge and Capabilities:

  1. Ability to learn, absorb and apply professional training, follow doctor’s orders, and maintain standards of care.

  2. Ability to perceive difference in patient behavior and recognize symptoms and the ability to communicate effectively in writing, by telephone, and in personal contacts.

  3. Ability to organize work procedures, assume responsibility, and tactfully supervise others.

  4. Ability to manage LPN’s, CNA/Tech and serve as a role model.  Effectively adheres to Policies & Procedures Manual.


Physical Demands    

  1. Must be physically able to lift, position, and assist with transfer of patients.

  2. Must be able to perform effectively in crisis situations.


Specific Duties and Responsibilities Required

  1. Direct Child Care:  Physical assessment; developmental assessment, respiratory treatments; vital signs; enteral and oral feedings; ostomy care; dressings and skin care; proper positioning and orthotics applications; medication administration by all routes; phlebotomy and IV therapy; and any other interventions ordered by a physician that are within the scope of the nursing license.

  2. Parent/Child Education and Training:  Formal and informal teaching directed to parent/child/guardian regarding all aspects of the child’s care, including treatments; equipment use and maintenance; stress reduction; health maintenance; rehabilitation; and any other medical, nursing, psychosocial, or developmental need.  The nurse researches topics for which parents desire/need information, creates reference files for future use, and provides parents with written materials and models to facilitate teaching.

  3. Developmental Interventions:  Includes proper positioning; therapeutic play appropriate to age level; educational activities as appropriate, implementing the Therapy Care Plan as written by the physiotherapists; and providing a loving and nurturing environment for the child.

  4. Psychosocial Support:   responsible for the observation of parent/child interactions and parent’s involvement with child’s care; being available to parents for listening and providing positive support; and making referrals to Social Work or Psychologist as needed.

  5. Interdisciplinary Team:  Attends all appropriate staff meetings and case meetings; knows all consultants and what the scope of their functions is; communicates freely and concisely via verbal or written means to all members of the health care team; knows all community resources and makes referrals as necessary.

  6. Professionalism:  Keeps an attractive and professional appearance and adheres to the dress code; communication with others is always polite and not profane; knows and adheres to the Standards for Person-Centered Caring; reads current research and literature related to this field and always strives to update knowledge base; and relates to parents on an intimate but PROFESSIONAL level.

  7. Policies and Procedures:  Knows, reviews and suggests revisions for all Caring Hearts pediatric extended policies and procedures; knows all patient histories and reviews patient protocols of care on a regular basis; knows all emergency procedures, including fire and CPR; is familiar with and knows policies for use of all medical and administrative forms; knows how to use phone, security system and intercoms.

  8. Environment and Safety:  Keeps patient areas clean and free of safety hazards; keeps common areas clean and free of debris; checks patient toys and equipment regularly for safety problems; is familiar with the safe operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of all equipment in the facility; knows fire safety codes and how to use the fire alarm, security system and fire extinguishers; does all laundry and dishes as needed, when not delegated to another staff member; separates medical trash for proper disposal as per codes; empties garbage daily and as needed; strictly adheres to all Infection Control Policies and Procedures; documents unusual incidents on the Incident Report Form; ensures the safety of parents and other visitors; and protects self from injury and infection while at work.

  9. Supervises work of LPN’s CNA/Techs responsible for the care of the children.

Primary Nurse Functions: 

Assumes a load of primary patients with special responsibility for:  updates and revises protocol of care monthly or more often as needed; continuously supervises child’s progress and parent’s status to evaluate appropriateness of child’s care plan and makes revisions as necessary; and always remains available to child’s family for consultation.

  1. Supervises the maintenance of patient records, keeping them complete and accurate.

  2. Participates in orientation and assists with training of all nursing staff.

  3. Serves as positive role model in providing guidance for LPN’s and nursing staff responsible to them.  Serves as coach and resource.

  4. Thorough understanding and compliance with the standards for person centered caring; assist children to attain highest level of growth and development.

  5. Maintains the security of the premises and reports unusual occurrences to proper authority.

  6. Deals effectively with families and community in order to provide a positive image to the public.

  7. Performs other duties as assigned.

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