Caring Hearts is a family-owned and operated business founded by Gabriel Tejerina, an entrepreneur, and Betty Tejerina, a hospital social worker. In 1995, the Tejerina family owned a typical preschool in Naples, FL when a family inquired about daytime care for their baby who had muscular dystrophy. Betty and Gabriel discovered that there was nowhere in town that could provide the elevated level of care the child would require as his disease progressed, and in that moment Caring Hearts Pediatric Extended Care Center was born.

In the next year, the Tejerina family transformed their preschool into an outpatient nursing and therapy program called Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) with that same baby boy as the first patient. Two years later, Sacred Heart Hospital, Children’s Medical Services and the local Medicaid office invited Betty and Gabriel to open PPEC facilities in the Florida panhandle.

The Tejerina family feels honored to have been able to provide quality service to the medically needy for over twenty five years. Our team is committed to treating patients with the highest standard of care and a commitment to excellence.